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Republic of South Sudan

Susan D. Lintz

22 May, 2012

News from the diocese: Bishop Wilson has sent a report from the diocese in Aweil. It sounds like a big problem right now is the closure of the road between the north and the south. There is one main road (it is a raised graded dirt road) that goes from Khartoum in the north to Juba in the south. It passes through Aweil. In times of conflict it is closed and is now closed again. There is an increase in military presence and wariness of people in the border areas, especially around Abyei, the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile state. Aweil is near Abyei, one of the areas contested by the north and south because of oil and has no determined border. Because of military operations people are displaced and create a greater need for food and shelter.

It is an ordeal to get needed supplies to the Aweil area because it is so remote and there is such a lack of infrastructure in addition to the military and security problems. Recently Southern Sudan Mission purchased a brick making machine for their use. It was sent from South Africa to Juba. But once in Juba, it took a month and great expense to get it from Juba to Aweil by ground. Thankfully, it has arrived!

The road closure has doubled prices in the South. There is not much of any kind of an economy there. Means of transportation (bicycles) are greatly appreciated by people in the diocese. They currently cost 100 USD each when purchased in Juba. Funds for simple agricultural equipment would also be greatly appreciated.

There is a constant need for medicines, clean water from wells, and food. This is the time of year the rains come to start the annual crop cultivation. Everyone is dependent on the weather for food production. When it is late, or there is too much rain, people suffer. Along with the rains come diseases such as malaria and cholera, so there is an increased need for medicines. We like to send vitamins for children along with the medicines.

Any help that can be offered to the people of the Aweil area is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to Southern Sudan Mission or contact St. Matthew’s Church ~

God‘s blessings in 2012

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Faith and Medicine - thoughts on the health care situation in South Sudan

by Melissa Burton (Melissa Burton is a member of the Board of Directors)

31 May. 2011

Two weeks ago I returned from my second trip to the Aweil area in South Sudan. As with last year, through our partnership with Giving Children Hope, a shipment of medicine was sent to Juba, and we brought it on the U.N. flight to Aweil, and set up a (very) mobile clinic - first in Aweil, and also in a village in East Aweil county.

Going there, seeing the patients, and listening to their stories,... READ MORE