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There is so much going on in Southern Sudan Now

Susan D. Lintz

09 Jan. 2011

Today is a great day for those in the world who appreciate freedom! Southern Sudan is holding its long awaited referendum and voting on whether or not to secede from the North. This is a hugely historic vote! The South has been semi-autonomous since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement brokered in 2005 was signed by both sides. Part of that agreement called for this vote starting today. There have been attempts to postpone it and to even cancel it. But the time has come. In looking forward to this, many Southerners living in the North and in neighboring countries have returned to they can participate. Of course, there are those who do not want this or for people to have a right of self-determination. Bashir has called for "unity." Kadhafi of Libya has said that this democracy thing could spread like a "disease" in Africa! Read more.

It is not a disease, but a step toward health!

Sudan is the largest country on the continent of Africa: it is roughly the size of Western Europe. Just think of how many countries there are in Western Europe! It is difficult for such a huge amount of land to be effectively governed by so few from such a distance and still respect the integrity of local traditions and culture. In addition, most of the natural resources in the country are found in the South, particularly water from the Nile and oil. The proceeds from those resources have not been effectively put back in to improvements in the South.

This is a time of Jubilee for the people of the South. Rejoice and be glad with them; it is a release from oppression and tyranny and a chance to start anew and build a new life and determine their own future. Also stay tuned in: the government in Khartoum has to know that the world is paying attention to the outcome.