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There is so much going on in Southern Sudan Now

Susan D. Lintz

08 March. 2011

The new country of Southern Sudan has years of building and development ahead of it. Foremost on the list will be basic services including healthcare, schools, water and sanitation (over 80% of the people in the south have no toilet facilities), food security in the way of development of self-reliance in agricultural production, communications including roads and transportation. The removal of our US sanctions will help the South to develop.

The oil producing area of Abyei is often in the news. It is near the border of the states of Southern Kordofan and North Bahr El Ghazal. There is no actual "border" in this area because of the longstanding disagreement over where the border should be. Because of the ongoing violence associated with it, people (especially women and children) flee for safety further south. Please see a current article:

Women and children from the area head south toward No. Bahr El Ghazal for safety. Many Southerners who had been living in the North have also recently returned to the South because of the referendum. This adds pressure to already scant food resources, especially at this time of year.

Our mission field is Aweil County of the state of North Bahr El Ghazal. Our purpose is to be a voice for people and to provide educational and medical assistance to those in need, particularly women and children. These maps show the food insecurity of North Bahr El Ghazal State and the infant mortality rate as well:


It is very remote here, and difficult to get supplies and assistance to. But that is what we at Southern Sudan Mission are here for! Please help ~ we provide educational assistance and help in the delivery of medical assistance in a time of transition and continuing instability.