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There is so much going on in Southern Sudan Now

Susan D. Lintz

13 May. 2011

Melissa Burton, a board member of Southern Sudan Mission, has just returned from the Aweil area of South Sudan. She was able to assist in medical clinics in several villages that are too far away for people to walk to Aweil for medical treatment. With the most generous support of Giving Children Hope and St. Matthew's Church, we were able to accept a pharmaceutical package in Juba for her to take to Aweil. It is extraordinary the way the people of these organizations can work together to send needed and meaningful assistance.

When she is home and settled in, we will post some photos and an update on how it all went while she was there. Thanks to all who have most generously supported us and made this mission trip a success.


It is very remote here, and difficult to get supplies and assistance to. But that is what we at Southern Sudan Mission are here for! Please help ~ we provide educational assistance and help in the delivery of medical assistance in a time of transition and continuing instability.