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Independence Day for South Sudan

Susan D. Lintz

20 June. 2011

The July 9th Independence Day for South Sudan is rapidly approaching. Wow. A new country is being born! That doesn't happen very often; it is truly an historic occasion. It has been a huge ongoing struggle for generations. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 agreed to a referendum in January of 2011 that gave the people a chance to vote. That happened. The South won the referendum ~ separation from the North. The government of the North graciously accepted the results. Now as the day approaches, there is no graciousness involved. Military has congregated on the borders for months and currently there is much disruption, destruction and testing going on.

Freedom, liberty and basic human values of self-determination are everything. This is an ongoing struggle in the world today ~ and, here is yet another example of it on a national level. We've all heard the saying, that freedom isn't free and it is not easy. In South Sudan, there is much to be done after generations of governmental neglect. In a way, this offers a clean slate to start over with. The struggle is not over, but reaching a critical mass. Eyes watching and paying attention mean so much ~ it truly makes a difference.

Remember this truly historic occasion and fresh start in the South by purchasing a necklace or bracelet that will commemorate this great freedom moment in the world today. 100% of the funds raised by donations to Southern Sudan Mission go back to help the people in the Aweil area. It would be awesome to be able to send such items as pedal sewing machines, bicycles, and other basics to help with independence and this new freedom.

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