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News from Sudan

Republic of South Sudan

Susan D. Lintz

6 July. 2011

Independence Day is coming up this Saturday July 9. The new country will be the Republic of South Sudan. A transitional government will come in to power: Salva Kirr will be the first president of the new Republic. The people of the South will take charge of their own destiny and create their own opportunities. South Sudan has much more in common with East Africa than with the North and would like to develop those connections and friendships. South Sudan has years and years of underdevelopment to overcome and it will take time. Clean water, sanitation, education, availability of medical care, development of agricultural resources, removal of the hindrances to the development of commerce and resources are of critical importance.

Southern Sudan Mission sells bracelets and necklaces made by women from South Sudan. Purchase of these articles will help provide education for them in this new environment and gives women a chance to participate in helping their families and villages in a very real way. Please visit our store.

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Faith and Medicine - thoughts on the health care situation in South Sudan

by Melissa Burton (Melissa Burton is a member of the Board of Directors)

31 May. 2011

Two weeks ago I returned from my second trip to the Aweil area in South Sudan. As with last year, through our partnership with Giving Children Hope, a shipment of medicine was sent to Juba, and we brought it on the U.N. flight to Aweil, and set up a (very) mobile clinic - first in Aweil, and also in a village in East Aweil county.

Going there, seeing the patients, and listening to their stories,... READ MORE