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Republic of South Sudan

Susan D. Lintz

21 October. 2011

A new update for Southern Sudan Mission! Since Independence Day of July 9, 2011, there has not been much news from the South other than horrific fighting in some of the border areas. There has also been some coverage of the lack of media coverage and what coverage there is, is agenda driven. So, as I said, not much in the way of news! But there needs to be.

Southern Sudan Mission has started a Facebook page. Visit us at:!/pages/Southern-Sudan-Mission/213864771979884

We post recent articles from various news sources and post thoughts and pictures from people interested in what is going on in South Sudan. One of our board members, Tabitha, is from the Aweil area and currently resides in Kenya with her family. She has started a support group for the women in the Aweil area called the Aweil Women’s Christian Association. They seek to be a voice to draw attention to the lack of medical care for women and the need for education for themselves and their children.

One of Tabitha’s past projects was to take materials donated by Southern Sudan Mission to Aweil where local women made necklaces, bracelets and some key chains. This is an important opportunity for them to be able to provide for themselves and their families: sort of a very small, very local entrepreneurial enterprise. The jewelry they made is among the pieces for sale on our web site. In turn, the money raised by Southern Sudan Mission goes back to help these women and their families by way of medicines, vitamins, and hygiene education. We would like to be able to send educational materials to children as well.

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